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Knowledge and confidence do not apply themselves; have fun learning some basic skills and your successes will surely be realized.

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There are first steps necessary for setting yourself up as a virtual pioneer and a new entrepreneur.

Without implementing these three things you would be giving up control of your new enterprise – you would be at the mercy of undependable web software services or social media terms of service that might jeopardize your account.

1. You need a domain name – which will add credibility to your web presence.

2. Hosting – so you have control over your own web domain.

3. An Autoresponder – to manage your growing contacts list and be able to respond to your subscribers in a professional manner.

Creating your own WordPress site is the most practical thing you can do. The search engine advantages alone will put you way ahead of anything else you can do to get search attention for page rankings and site traffic.

But the real advantage to having a self-hosted WordPress site is that it allows you to use WordPress plugins – many of which will become indispensable for managing your web pages and helping you get the social proof you need to increase exposure for your web projects. (See the video above for demonstration)

These things will help you display more professionally and give your new business the credibility of a real web property.

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