Set Up A Workstation Anywhere You Can

No matter where you go or how long you visit it’s important to carve out a workspace that will allow you to manage your online business.

In this situation I made a commitment to get to Florida from where I was in Michigan and start a home remodel job. I was in Michigan visiting with family and trying to set up my online business.

But I reside mainly in Florida, around Sarasota. So this is a convenient opportunity to make some income while providing a place where I can stay for free – while I work on the property.

As you can see in the video, there is plenty of setup space and I can work on my web project when necessary – as long as the remodel work gets done!

I don’t really drink that many energy beverages! I just want to give you the impression that I’m passionately pursuing my project.

In reality, whenever I get back to Florida I tend to fall back into the typical hot-summer-tropical lifestyle and work at glacial-plus-one speed. In fact, the homeowner is a friend who has himself impressed me with the glacial lifestyle.

It’s OK – we eventually accomplish everything we set out to do.

“The Secret of Life is Enjoying the Passage of Time.”

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