Seniors: No Retirement?

Later Life Entrepreneurs

Seniors are coming out of retirement with energy and excitement for the next stage of their lives.

Some are disappointed because they didn’t plan better for their retirement years – but many are dissatisfied with a system that has left them with few traditional options to improve their future.

All over the internet seniors are seeing examples of impressive internet successes and being encouraged to start an online business. It appears to be an achievable goal in terms of time and cost. But what is involved?

It can be a real challenge to find ways to lead a productive and fulfilling life after full time employment.

Here are some typical responses; these are things I’m reading when I follow the comments in social media posts:

“We were approaching retirement and were not really in a position to take it. We were going to have to stay in employment as long as possible, with little chance of the situation improving.”

“We decided we were only delaying the inevitable of living the rest of our lives, struggling. We wanted control of our own lives.”

These are people I see as later life entrepreneurs, with diverse skills and vast experience, and who all of their lives had used their challenges and problem-solving skills to help their employers achieve their goals.

“We looked around for an alternative, and realised that the internet had opened up all sorts of possibilities for ordinary people. But we needed to learn new skills. We would need a website and other online skills.”

The mission for PocketClubPro is to providing marketing education, advice and information to baby boomers and give them the skills and knowledge to continue to lead productive and fulfilling lives.

But providing the skills and the knowledge is not enough. The beginner needs a project to get started with the learning experience – one that can also begin providing an income and the confidence to continue.

Anyone can get started as a PocketClub associate, especially while there is an introductory special offer, Lifetime Access and a support group on Facebook just waiting. Try us out – we won’t disappoint.

To watch the useful free training video for how to set up an instant WordPress website so you can try out a marketing project, go to this WordPress Quick Install page now:

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