Sarasota, Florida Remodel Project

Rush Job!

What an opportunity? It got me a free plane ticket to get back to Florida:

This is a no narration video. Just showing the house.

This is what I do for part time work in exchange for a free place to stay and some spending krueger while I continue working on my internet projects.

Could this be how I get side-tracked while I’m trying to build my PocketClub membership site? You bet.

Here’s a walk-through of a house I’ve been invited to help get ready to sell – total interior and exterior remodel necessary before listing in the Sarasota housing market.

The video shows the interior work. It’s great to be able to jump in the pool whenever I feel like it – like after pressure washing the backyard wood fence inside and out.

Popcorn ceiling repair is going to be the biggest challenge.

Every room needs something – including electrical, plumbing, complete painting. This should keep me busy for about 5 weeks. Exterior needs some siding and rotted wood trim replaced and then painting.


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