Fresh Start

Fresh Start


This project will teach you how to share the things you want other people to know about by creating a personal web presence, setting up a Youtube channel and managing it all as a sustainable personal business.

Use a Youtube Channel as your “staging area”. (Super easy set up)

Each video you add (from my content folder) becomes a landing page. You don’t need to buy landing page building software.

Start taking advantage of Google and Youtube.
Let the Big G do all that for you.
Use their bandwidth not yours.

Google owns Youtube – display your stuff in the two biggest search engines on the planet.

What’s In It?

This project includes all your essential training: follow my regularly updated workshop videos demonstrating how to build your social circle of influence. You need an expanding circle of followers and it’s actually very easy to do. Let me show you how.

You’ll be their Influencer (Influencer Marketing).

Start using the web, work as a small business solo entrepreneur, and learn to manage it by using just your phone – either from home, while you travel, or as a side business (survival income).

There are no hidden costs and no upsells.

Get the full instructions, the content, and the swipe files to promote your first project.

Watch the on-going workshops sessions: short screensharing demonstration videos to watch and learn exactly what to do.

Start Your Activity Here (link live soon!)

Make the investment – learn how to manage your time – and build a small personal business for yourself.

This is a great project for expats, world travelers, preppers and living off-the-grid enthusiasts looking for ways to generate survival income.

I will be delighted to be your business trainer and your host,

Cap’n Matt…  Play the audio and read along with the transcript above.