Florida Remodel Hurricane Irma Interrupt

It was inevitable!

Sometimes, no matter what you try to do, life will get in the way of things and send you off in a different direction.

After moving back to Sarasota, Florida and starting a rental property remodel job for a friend, our work was rudely interrupted by the arrival of hurricane Irma.

We spent all our energies boarding up several rental homes and hiding out at the property in Myakka – 20 miles inland from Sarasota.

After being without power for 7 days, no fresh water and using up all our food stores (everything in the fridge and freezer was eventually thrown out) I helped unboard the houses and get a plane ticket back to Michigan.

They were ultimately without power for almost 12 days.

So I’m back to visiting the family through the holidays and enjoying the fall season and the colors and the smells of autumn – my favorite time of year.

The short video tells a story; I didn’t think it needed any narration!

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