Christmas in July?

With all the new free to download gifts, reports, webinars, workshops and “make me all the money in this hemisphere” video eCourses available, you might be excused for believing it’s Christmas in July.

You might be forgiven for envisioning yourself as the next super success entrepreneur. Go ahead, do another ad spend and start split-testing – in only one week you could accumulate a fortune. Oh yeah?

Encouraged by every 3rd tweet or post in social newsfeeds and forum threads promising radical success in starting an online enterprise, anyone might think starting a business enterprise on the internet is a practical idea.

For a lot of businesses, this time of year around the 4th of July should trigger a midsummer marketing strategy to start developing an advertising plan to take advantage of the busiest time of the year – the Holiday season.

The Whaaaaat?

Yes, I know, consumers are hardly ready to start thinking about buying gifts for the holidays – but every practical business owner should be planning ahead for this marketing challenge.

Every business is included. It’s never too early for this.

Internet web properties certainly have the same interests as any other local brick and mortar business. At this point in the year we don’t really start to notice any obvious pickup in advertising commitments, but it would be wise for any enterprise to start planning a strategy.

Did you know that in the Southern hemisphere this is the coldest month of the year?


Wanabee a New Entrepreneur?

Are you a fresh-off-the-blocks entrepreneur and ready for the first leg of a race, even though you don’t expect to see the crowd at the finish line until you get to it?

Well I know you won’t get fooled; you know you need to learn some basic skills and plan out a basic strategy.

And of course you will need to practice on something – to prepare yourself physically and mentally. On the internet that means learning how to set up a basic web page that will display on mobile, an attractive promotion, and then finding out how to stay motivated while you use social media.

Says you, “Oh no! Social media! I don’t want to sit in front of my computer screen all day and have it eat my brain”. Well you don’t have to do that.

Here is your key incentive for succeeding at this: everything gets easier the more you practice. Using social media and working a basic marketing routine takes less than an hour a day to accomplish.

Divide and conquer each basic task and you will be able to make a living from the comfort of your home office (even if that is the front seat of your car). You will form friendships with people from places all around the web and your business can be seen by people all around the world.


How long will it take to make money?

Well since you learn at your own pace that is easy to answer: as soon as you sit down and get to work on it. You could turn it into an income stream in only a few days but only you know whether you will learn the steps and how fast you can follow through.

No one knows that but you.

Following a good eLearning training, a first easy project should demonstrate how a virtual calling card can be displayed to attract prospective new contacts. Training should include how you find those subscribers on the web who need your new service and what to do when they respond to you.

They are there and they need your service.

That’s right! They are there, they want to hire you, and they need someone to do the work for them. You approach them through any social network; they reply by subscribing and receiving more information – the email replies which you must have prepared and be ready to send.

Reply to them by giving them a link to an information page explaining how you are going to begin helping them. Being newly established will be your most effective client-acquiring strategy.

As a fresh new specialist, you are not expected to be a full service agency; in fact, there are plenty of small business owners who simply cannot afford the cost of a full service agency. You need them and they need you.

You need entrepreneur classes, tips and new entrepreneur workshops. You need social media training to manage social networks.

This article is posted on the PocketClub blog, but PocketClubPro is also a membership site with training to show exactly how to get set up as a beginner entrepreneur. If you want to have a merry Christmas and take advantage of the busiest time of the year for marketing and sales, you should start learning now – right now in July.

While you’re here, visit to learn more about it.

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