The Twelve Days Of Christmas

People Often Think Of “The Twelve Days Of Christmas” As The Days Preceding and Leading Up to Christmas Day.


Christmas Is The Season Of The Christian Year For The Days Beginning On December 25 And Lasting Until January 6 (The Day Of Epiphany) When The Church Celebrates The Revelation Of Christ As The Light Of The World And Recalls The Journey Of The Magi.

From 1558 Until 1829

Roman Catholics in England Were Not Allowed To Practice Their Faith Openly.
During That Era Someone Wrote “The Twelve Days Of Christmas” As A Kind Of Secret Catechism That Could Be Sung In Public Without The Risk Of Persecution.

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Merry Christmas from our house to yours!


Roll Out The Cheer

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Every year I will roll out this song, “Roll Out The Cheer!”, because I can never believe it’s already the end of another year – December and time for the holidays again.

I wrote and home-recorded this song and a number of other songs several years ago when songwriting was my primary outlet for any creativity I claim. Inspiration comes from elsewhere – of course it’s not something I can own.

Perhaps my music will inspire someone or be a momentary diversion! Nevertheless, here is an “end of the year message” sample of my songwriting. I recorded all the tracks myself – of course that’s a drum machine and some use of synthesized sounds. I am primarily a guitarist.

Here’s for you. Cheers and Happy Holidays!

Cap’n Matt