Having A Hippie Bird Day!

After a chilly month of March, even for Sarasota, FL., sitting on a mooring in my little home of a sailboat (more like living in a shoebox),  several care packages from home remind me to have a “Hippie Bird Day”.

So here’s a short video of the unboxing!

This is the way Mom used to send stuff – even came with a recipe and the fixin’s to go with it. Thanks to the folks back home.


Florida Remodel Hurricane Irma Interrupt

It was inevitable!

Sometimes, no matter what you try to do, life will get in the way of things and send you off in a different direction.

After moving back to Sarasota, Florida and starting a rental property remodel job for a friend, our work was rudely interrupted by the arrival of hurricane Irma.

We spent all our energies boarding up several rental homes and hiding out at the property in Myakka – 20 miles inland from Sarasota.

After being without power for 7 days, no fresh water and using up all our food stores (everything in the fridge and freezer was eventually thrown out) I helped unboard the houses and get a plane ticket back to Michigan.

They were ultimately without power for almost 12 days.

So I’m back to visiting the family through the holidays and enjoying the fall season and the colors and the smells of autumn – my favorite time of year.

The short video tells a story; I didn’t think it needed any narration!

Set Up A Workstation Anywhere You Can

No matter where you go or how long you visit it’s important to carve out a workspace that will allow you to manage your online business.

In this situation I made a commitment to get to Florida from where I was in Michigan and start a home remodel job. I was in Michigan visiting with family and trying to set up my online business.

But I reside mainly in Florida, around Sarasota. So this is a convenient opportunity to make some income while providing a place where I can stay for free – while I work on the property.

As you can see in the video, there is plenty of setup space and I can work on my web project when necessary – as long as the remodel work gets done!

I don’t really drink that many energy beverages! I just want to give you the impression that I’m passionately pursuing my project.

In reality, whenever I get back to Florida I tend to fall back into the typical hot-summer-tropical lifestyle and work at glacial-plus-one speed. In fact, the homeowner is a friend who has himself impressed me with the glacial lifestyle.

It’s OK – we eventually accomplish everything we set out to do.

“The Secret of Life is Enjoying the Passage of Time.”

Sarasota, Florida Remodel Project

Rush Job!

What an opportunity? It got me a free plane ticket to get back to Florida:

This is a no narration video. Just showing the house.

This is what I do for part time work in exchange for a free place to stay and some spending krueger while I continue working on my internet projects.

Could this be how I get side-tracked while I’m trying to build my PocketClub membership site? You bet.

Here’s a walk-through of a house I’ve been invited to help get ready to sell – total interior and exterior remodel necessary before listing in the Sarasota housing market.

The video shows the interior work. It’s great to be able to jump in the pool whenever I feel like it – like after pressure washing the backyard wood fence inside and out.

Popcorn ceiling repair is going to be the biggest challenge.

Every room needs something – including electrical, plumbing, complete painting. This should keep me busy for about 5 weeks. Exterior needs some siding and rotted wood trim replaced and then painting.


My Mobile Workstation!

The picture above is an actual shot of one of my mobile work stations – my backpack, laptop and coffeeshop goodies (Look at that hot chocolate, will ya!) while I manage my business for about 20 minutes and then go and enjoy the rest of my day.

‘Stay thirsty’ my friend, for more details – bookmark my website so you can keep it with you and watch how it develops.

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